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Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to list as below:

1. New Technology for Physical and Hybrid Modelling of Structure, River, Coastal and Environmental Flows
Modelling of water flow over structures, energy dissipaters;
Modelling of surface water and groundwater;
Modelling of sediment transport and fluvial processes;
Modelling of estuarine and coastal processes and wave movement;
Modelling of harbors and ports
Modelling of pollutants, salty, heated, multi-phase flow and ground flow;
Modelling of dam and dike breach;
Similarity theory and scale effects of physical modelling;
Hybrid model approach and combination of physical approaches with numerical simulation.

2. Development of Instruments and Facilities for Hydraulic and Eco-hydraulic Measurement
Facilities for laboratory measurement;
Sensor technology and instruments for hydraulic measurement;
New technology for hydro-environmental and hydro-ecology measurement.

3. Advances in Field Investigation for Hydro and Environmental Engineering
Field investigation and experiment in inland waters, estuaries and oceans;
Field investigation and experiment for hydro-environment, eco-system and river restoration;
Field investigation under extreme conditions: storm, tsunami, flooding, and ice-and-snow disasters;
Technology of long-term hydraulic monitoring and control for hydro-environmental engineering;
Comparison and integration of laboratory experiments and field investigation;
Data acquisition and data processing.

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